throat chakra crystal set

throat chakra crystal set

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This crystal set is designed for healing and unblocking your throat chakra. Associated with matters of communication and self expression, an open throat chakra enables empowerment to speak your truth.

Hematite is a grounding stone, known to increase willpower, emotional strength and confidence. It has a calming effect absorbing negative energy. 

Lapis Lazuli provides greater awareness and clarity on thought. It boosts truth and encourages confidence to be your natural self.

Sodalite has been associated with discovering who you truly are. It represents a becoming of yourself and provides the strength to face challenges.

Amazonite soothes the spirits, channelling the depths of the ocean and brings tranquil and peace into the space it inhabits. It provides the freedom to explore and understand your inner self.

Chrysocolla is a beautiful vibrant stone connecting us to our intuition, helping us to navigate through any difficulties.

Blue Apatite is the stone of manifesting dreams, it increases motivation and wards of negative thoughts that prevent you from achieving your destined path.

Set your intention to be in alignment with matters of communication without fear of judgement.

intuitively selected, size varies.

comes with a fabric pouch