mala home provide beautiful crystals and products with purpose for your workspace or home.

Vanessa & Ben, 35 year old Sydney-siders are behind mala home. mala home started off as a passion project for Vanessa, as she wanted to create a space where she could share her love of crystals and rituals.  

Vanessa’s mother filled her childhood home with crystals, so she grew up in awe of their beauty and energy. There is something magical about them that a child is so receptive to. As an adult, crystals have helped her both in her daily life, and on her healing journey. She uses them to elevate spaces at home, and keeps them in her pocket to guide her through anxious and uncertain times.   

Ben is a voracious reader, a nature lover, and an information seeker. His approach to life is one grounded in old fashioned values but with a spiritual twist. He takes care of the logistical side of mala, allowing Vanessa to focus on the creative aspects.⁣⁣

We are both inspired by the importance of recognising your purpose, following your intuitive pull, attracting positive energy into your life and emitting radiance.⁣⁣⁣⁣

By surrounding yourself with positivity, love, calm and abundance, you can live the life you absolutely deserve.⁣⁣