third eye chakra crystal set

third eye chakra crystal set

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This crystal set is designed for healing and unblocking your third eye chakra. Associated with matters of inuition and imagination an open third eye chakra enables wisdom, clarity and spiritual growth.


Amethyst known as the healer, an amethyst is perfect for sufferers of anxiety, anger or any imbalances with emotion. Promoting beautiful calm, loving energy.

Fluorite known as the genius stone, it assists with driving focus, expanding our knowledge and personal development.

Sodalite has been associated with discovering who you truly are. It represents a becoming of yourself and provides the strength to face challenges.

Black Obsidian promotes self control and awareness of your true self. It helps you to face your trauma, so you can heal and grow.

Citrine is a crystal of manifestation and prosperity, associated with the power of the sun.

Lapis Lazuli provides greater awareness and clarity on thought. It boosts truth and encourages confidence to be your natural self.

Set your intention to be in alignment with your spiritual growth and intuition.

intuitively selected, size varies.

comes with a fabric pouch