ground + protect crystal bundle

ground + protect crystal bundle

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Sometimes it feels like we are experiencing the same thing time and time again. It could be a returning ex, a situation that we constantly find ourselves in, or somehow attracting the same negative people in our lives. Recurring situations are often signs from our spirit guides, telling us that we need to deal with trauma head on so we can move forward with our lives.

This crystal bundle aids with protection and grounding to aide with identifying trauma, and moving through it so you can put your life back on its rightful path. This bundle is an incredible combination of black tourmaline, selenite, moonstone and clear quartz.

Black Tourmaline is the crystal of protection. A black tourmaline will make you feel in control, powerful and undefeatable. Known to ground you and connect you to the deep powers within the earth, this protection crystal is a must have for every collection.

Selenite is a protector, cleanser and a stabiliser known for cleansing negative energy, replacing with positive energy and bringing calm to its environment.

Moonstone exudes absolute femininity. It’s magical properties promotes joy, flow and serenity. Providing clarity on your own personal pathway, a moonstone is an incredibly intuitive powerful stone.

Clear Quartz is a unique, beautiful and energetic crystal that aid in transforming to a higher stage of life and aids with putting your life back on track

Set your intention to receive grounding and protection with this gorgeous crystal bundle. 

intuitively selected, size varies.

comes with a jute pouch