calm + chill crystal bundle

calm + chill crystal bundle

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calm + chill

This crystal bundle helps centre ourselves to feel calm and peace. The combination of aura quartz, amazonite, howlite and black tourmaline provides an overall sense of serenity and well-being. By taking slow deep breaths in the company of these beauties, will encourage relaxation and regain stillness and order.

Aura Quartz is a beautiful electroplated quartz, that is known to provide calm and acceptance.

Amazonite soothes the spirits, channelling the depths of the ocean and brings tranquil and peace into the space it inhabits. It provides the freedom to explore and understand your inner self and promotes harmony.

Howlite is a guardian crystal that protects you from harm. The removal of inner fear and doubt promotes internal peace.

Black Tourmaline is the crystal of protection. A black tourmaline will make you feel in control, powerful and undefeatable. Known to ground you and connect you to the deep powers within the earth, this protection crystal is a must have for every collection.

Set your intention to bring calm and serenity with this gorgeous crystal bundle.

Hand selected howlite 8-10cm, aura quartz cluster, tourmaline and amazonite. 

comes with a calico pouch