empowerment + spirituality crystal bundle

empowerment + spirituality crystal bundle

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Attract empowerment on your spiritual journey with an incredible combination of pink apophyllite, scolecite, rose quartz and clear quartz.

Pink Apophyllite is known to be the most spiritual crystal by providing a strong connection between your physical being and spiritual being.

Scolecite is perfect for finding balance and grounding, and aids in empowerment when feeling overwhelmed or lost. This beautiful stone is perfect for gaining the confidence to achieve your life goals.

Rose Quartz is known classically as being the crystal of love, Rose Quartz owners can experience and manifest self love and confidence into their lives..

Clear Quartz is a unique, beautiful and energetic crystal that aid in transforming to a higher stage of life.

This beautiful crystal bundle will set you on your spiritual journey to a meaningful and rewarding life.

intuitively selected, size varies

comes with a jute pouch