clarity + empowerment crystal bundle

clarity + empowerment crystal bundle

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Feel stumped? Not sure what is next? Need to own your journey and feel empowered?

This crystal bundle aids with finding clarity in uncertain times. A powerful combination of selenite, citrine, honey calcite and tiger eye.

Selenite is an incredibly powerful crystal, known for cleansing negative energy, replacing with positive energy and bringing calm to its environment. Selenite is a protector, cleanser and a stabiliser.

Citrine is a crystal of manifestation and prosperity, associated with the power of the sun. Citrine, beautifully gold in colour and known to provide warmth, calm and promote the clearing of the mind.

Honey Calcite is recommended for meditation and restoring your true self and well being. This beautiful soft honey stone is brilliant for the soul and will assist with balance, clarity and recentering.

Tiger Eye is the stone used for seeking answers and direction in your life. Tiger Eye exudes control, power and authority and is perfect for gaining confidence in leading and decision making.

Set your intention to receive clarity and empowerment with this gorgeous crystal bundle. 

Intuitively selected. Selenite, tiger eye, honey calcite, citrine (heat treated) size varies.

comes with a jute pouch.